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Scene –

Build – Scarlet Creative @The Arcade – Cordelia Chateau RARE

Sofa – Scarlet Creative @The Arcade – Cordelia Sofa (light)

Armchair – Scarlet Creative @The Arcade – Cordelia Armchair (artist)

Curtain – Scarlet Creative @The Arcade – Cordelia Curtains (blue)

Canvas(Milk Motion) @The Arcade – L’Orangerie Wall Panel 1

Bed – Pillows @Sanarae – Boho Bed

Screen – Kalopsia @The Arcade – Bibi’s Screen (blue)

Wall Tiles – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Wall Tiles

Tapestries – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Tapestry Set

Chest – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Eowyn’s Storage

Rugs – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Indoor Decor Set

Lamp – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Bloom Lamp

Lights – [zerkalo] – The Starlight Lamp

Heart Box – [zerkalo] – Mademoiselle Heart Box

Ladder – [zerkalo] – Cozy Corner Ladder (white)

Mirror – [zerkalo] – Mademoiselle Mirror

Side Table – [zerkalo] – Precious End Table

Bottles – [zerkalo] – Mademoiselle Two Altered Bottles

Pillows – [zerkalo] – Cozy Corner Pillows

Heart Sign – [zerkalo] – Mademoiselle Welcome Spring Sign

Photo Board – .peaches @Sanarae – A Series Of Unfortuanate Photos (white)

Chair – Toro. @Sanarae – Bamboo Chair (bohemian)

Bunny Cage – [La Baguette] @Sanarae – Bunny Heart Cage (white)

Bunnies – [La Baguette] @Sanarae – Bunny Pink Stains & Bunny White

Blanket – +Half-Deer+ – Messy Blanket (white)

Piglets – +Half-Deer+ @The Arcade – Mini Piggy – (Sniff Sniff (Pink), Sitting (Spots), Sitting (Pink), Dozing Off (Pink), Rolling Around (Spotted), Beautiful Butterfly (Pink), When Pigs Fly (Pink), When Pigs Fly (Spotted) and Cloud Watching (Pink))


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