Exterior, home

Nothing Left

Scene –

BuildMerak for Deco(c)rate (March Round) – La Casa Azul

Curtains – Stockholm&Lima for Deco(c)rate (March Round) – Boho Black Out Curtains

Sun Catcher – Stockholm&Lima for Deco(c)rate (March Round) – Boho Sun Catcher

Alter Set – *HEXtraordinary* for Deco(c)rate (March Round) – Boho Mediation Altar

Buddha – *HEXtraordinary* for Deco(c)rate (March Round) – Boho Mediation Buddha

Decal – Vagabond for Deco(c)rate (March Round) – Mojave Decal

Lights 1 – The Loft & ARIA @Collabor88 – Attwell Hanging Tea Light Holder

Lights 2 – The Loft & ARIA @Collabor88 – Attwell Tea Light Holder

Hammock – The Loft & ARIA @Collabor88 – Attwell Hammock Chair

Side Table – Kalopsia @Collabor88 – Faith’s Side Table

Tent – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Hippie Swag

Tapestries – DRD @The Arcade – Vagabond Indoor Decor Set

Palm Trees – Soy – Potted Travellers Palm Trees (grey and yellow)

Chair – Soy – Chair With Sheep Fur

Plant 1 – junk. – Money Plant

Plant 2 – junk. – Potted Tree

Trees – Little Branch – Umbrella Thorn

Weeds – Little Branch – Snakeweed

Fence – [keke] – Beach fence


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